Procedures & Guidelines



          Personnel introduction to homeowner
          Explains process to homeowner

          Walks with the homeowner before beginning job to review work to be done

          Walks with the homeowner when work is complete to make sure homeowner is satisfied

          Gets Customer Satisfaction Survey Signed   

  Service Techs

          Will have excellent verbal & written communication skills
          Will have a neat and tidy appearance

          Will explain & educate the customer as to what they are doing
          Will respect the homeowner’s schedule and be on time for all appointments

  Vehicles will have the following equipment:                                                                        


          All size ladders/scaffolding
          Drop cloths and plastic covering to protect floors and furniture

          Heat guns and fans for drying

          Quickset and spackle

          Cordless screw guns

          Screws, nails, tape and caulk

          Dry Sander with vacuum and wet sanding sponges

          Paint for paint touch up after drywall work is completed


A.  Wavy or Sagging Ceiling

           Determine Cause    

           Reattach ceiling using screws

           Float seams

           If needed, remove sheetrock to re-level framing, then finish the drywall

B.  Settlement Cracks in Corners and in Trim

           Crack is scraped clean and filled with a neat bead of caulk

C. Nails & Screw Pops

            Pull out popped fastener or add a fastener next to it

            Apply coat of spackle

            Apply finish coat of spackle and feather

            Wet Sand edges if possible to ready for paint
D. Tape Peeling away from surface

                Pull tape back until it appears adhered
            Reapply spackle behind tape ( if tape peeling is excessive, remove tape)


            Wet sand edges to make paint ready

E. Cracked Corner Bead

                Chip away loose spackle

            Add fasteners to reattach

            Apply coat of quickset/apply finish coat of spackle

            Wet Sand (if possible for paint) or dry sand

F. Ridging


            Cut bubbled tape down the middle
            Apply quickset and re-tape

            Apply 12” coat of spackle on each side

            Finish coat of spackle

            Wet sand if possible

            Dry sand if necessary

G. Painting (when contracted)

                Primer and one coat
Designer available to aid in custom color selection

H. Texture (when contracted)

            Stomp, Orange Peel or Knockdown

            All plastic and drop clothes will be removed

 I.  Cleaning 

plastic and drop clothes will be removed
            All dust vaccuumed



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